Train2Game News: Torchlight II delayed due to post-beta game balancing

Torchlight II is delayed due to the amount of balancing Runic Games are doing following the beta test, and to allow time to make changes to other parts of the dungeon crawler.

“Immediately after the Beta we spent a good bit of time doing the last big changes that we were comfortable doing.” explained founder Travis Baldree on the Runic Games forum.

“We didn’t know how long these would take at the outset, because, well, we hadn’t done the Beta yet. Most of these changes were in response to feedback we received during the Beta and our own observations. The biggest of these had to do with our skill system.”

“It’s hard work to balance the acts of a dungeon crawler” Baldree added. The full post is available to see on the Runic Games forum.

It emphasises the importance of beta testing to game development, with much more about this available on The Train2Game Blog. Fellow dungeon crawler Diablo III also went through beta testing before release.

What are your thoughts on Runic taking time to balance Torchlight II? Are you encouraged by the fact they listened to player feedback from the beta?

Leave your comments here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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