Train2Game blog student interview #2: Game Developer Stuart Wragg

There are over 2000 students currently on Train2Game courses, and with so many out there we decided it’d be a great idea to chat to them. Oursecond mini interview is with Train2Game Development student Kevin Wragg (AKA Nova on the Train2Game Forum)

Hi Kevin, Why did you choose to study with Train2Game?

Train2Game student Kevin: The main reason I decided to take up a course withTrain2Game, was due to fact I was unable to do the same course at collage or university because of financial commitments.  Train2Game allowed me to study while I was still working and was therefore the only course that ticked all the boxes.

Train2Game blog: Which Train2Game course did you decide to take and why?

Train2Game student Kevin: From a very young age I have always loved video games, but developing them never really struck me as a career path. It was only when I started running an online game for me and some friends, writing NPC scripts, adding new items and interfaces, that that I realised I loved it and wanted to learn more. So it was a little surprise when one day at work during my lunch break, I opened the paper to find an article on the games industry with a link to the Train2Game website. I promptly ripped the article from the paper, the rest as they say, is history!

Train2Game blog: What were you doing before you started your Train2Game course?

Train2Game student Kevin: Before I got interested in game development my life lacked any direction. When I left school I had no idea what I wanted to do, and ended up building boilers in a factory, which I’m still doing to this day. Before Train2Game I was a very ambitious person with no ambitions, now I feel like I have a direction in life.

Train2Game blog: How are you finding balancing the course with the rest of your life?

Train2Game student Kevin: Due to the nature of my job I often find myself tired after work, so most of the work I do for the course is at the weekends.  Its one aspect of this course that enables the course to fit around me rather than the other way around.  Another bonus is that during holidays I can put more work into it while I have the free time.

Train2Game blog:  What has been your favourite part of the course so far?

Train2Game student Kevin: It was great to meet Dave Sharp from Train2Game and the other students at the Newcastle meet, and I find the Train2Game forum a great place to meet like minded people all working towards the same goal.  I think the best is yet to come, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what I have learnt so far and I’m eager to get stuck into the rest of the course.

Kevin is on the Train2Game Game Development course

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