Bioware explain Game Design ‘Flashpoints’ of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic Train2Game blog image

Here’s one for the Train2Game Game Design students; Bioware associate producer Cory Butler recently spoke about the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic, explaining now the narrative of the MMO moves forward through what are called Flashpoints.

“Flashpoints in Star Wars: The Old Republic are action-packed, story-driven adventures that put a group of players up against difficult foes in sticky situations” Butler told Star Wars website Darth Hater.

“Every Flashpoint begins with an exciting story and contains difficult decisions which have meaningful impact on the challenges you’ll face, the enemies you’ll fight, and the outcome of the flashpoints.”

In other comments that Train2Game QA Testers may find interesting, the producer spoke about how character creation and in-game difficulty of Star Wars: The Old Republic had been altered by community feedback. Butler also mentioned how those interested in testing the came can do so.

“Those interested in testing The Old Republic need to be a registered member of the Star Wars: The Old Republic community. Once signed up at, they simply need to check the box indicating that they are interested in becoming a tester and follow the instructions provided”

So if any Train2Game students – those on the QA Tester course in particular –now is your chance to try and get involved.

Star Wars: The Old Republic developers Bioware have previously stated that World of Warcraft is the ‘touchstone’ for all MMOs. You can read the full comments here on the Train2Game blog.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on the ‘Flashpoint’ method of driving narrative? Is a story an important factor for an MMO? And how much impact do you think community testing can have?

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[Source: VG247]