L.A. Noire animation tech so advanced it needs 3 Xbox 360 discs

LA Noire screenshot 187 Train2Game blog image

The extremely impressive Art & Animation techniques of L.A. Noire have certainly caused excitement on the Train2Game forum.

Now Rockstar has revealed that the game is so advanced, that the Xbox 360 version needs three discs to store all of the information. Meanwhile, L.A. Noire on the PlayStation 3 requires the usual one blu-ray disc.

However, Rockstar don’t believe that is will be an issue for 360 gamers.

“To tell the story and make the game we wanted to make, we knew that it was going to take an entire single layer Blu-ray disc and three Xbox discs,”  Rockstar’s Jeronimo Barrera told Kotaku.

“Since the game is built around the concept of progressing through individual cases from desk to desk, players on Xbox will find disc-swapping is hassle-free.

“In fact, players will only need to swap discs twice at natural breaks between cases without interrupting the flow of the game.”

Anyone who needs reminding about the highly impressive facial Art & Animation in L.A. Noire can see it for themselves here on the Train2Game blog. And as also reported by the Train2Game blog, Game Developers Team Bondi claim the technology used to build L.A. Noire will soon make it difficult to differentiate between video games, films and television.

Rockstar’s Barrera also told Kotaku how L.A. Noire could have been even bigger, but some of it has been set aside for DLC.

“Throughout development, we created lots of great cases, the bulk of which were central to the main story of Cole Phelps and his rise through the ranks of the LAPD, alongside other cases that felt more like strong stand-alone episodes,” he said.

“This gave us a powerful main story, and left us with quality extra content that we wanted to put out as DLC, that would slot seamlessly into the existing game.”

L.A. Noire is set for release 20th May on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

So Train2Game, is the L.A. Noire for Xbox 360 coming on three discs an issue for you? Or is it a testament to just how impressive the game will be? And do you think it’s a good move for Game Developers to announce DLC before a game is even released?

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

[Source: Kotaku]

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