Train2Game news: Sony want industry support for indie devs


Tran2Game students may be pleased with the latest comments to come from Sony; they are that the games industry should do more to support digital indie developers.

The comments come directly from Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida.

As an industry, we have to support those smaller teams, and let them try out their ideas, without doing so, the whole industry will stall, in terms of innovation.” he told Develop.

Speaking about how Sony have already provided digital platforms for indies with the PlayStation Network, Yoshida said

“Having the capability to sell their games on the network is key to giving those smaller teams an opportunity to come up with ideas, and sometimes invest their own money to come up with something special and have their projects meet with millions of users.”

Encouragement from one of the top people in the games industry is sure to please Train2Game students, but he isn’t alone in saying indies should be supported by bigger developers.

Earlier this year, the Train2Game blog reported that Peter Molyneux wants up and coming game developers to receive more support.

“I wish people in the press would focus on some of that up and coming talent, because there isn’t enough focus on it in my opinion” he said.

“People like Marcus Persson who did Minecraft, he’s a fantastic person to talk to, and I think Minecraft is a complete work of genius.”

People like Marcus – and there are some people in the social side – I feel there’s a real talent there. I think the triple AAA titles will continue to improve, but I dearly wish that things like the [Develop] 30 under 30, that pull people out of obscurity, were noticed a bit more.” Molyneux added.

So Train2Game, are you encouraged by Sony stating they want to support digital developers? Can you see yourself producing games for a Sony platform in future?

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

[Source: Develop]

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