Train2Game news: Gabe Newell offers advice to aspiring game developers

Train2Game students will know Gabe Newell as one of the most respected  veteran developers in the industry.

The Valve founder has spoken to Develop Online as part of their New Year, New Job feature and offers advice to those looking to begin their path into the games industry as an independent developer. It’s a must read for Train2Game students looking to found their own businesses.

The man behind the Half-Life series says the most important thing for an independent game developer is to treat their customers fairly.

“Do not focus on anyone but your customers. Your reputation will follow you forever so always be fair to your customers, and certainly one thing you need to always remember is that your customers are not going to be fooled.” Newell told Develop.

“Some people think they can get away with something and just hope people won’t see it through the bullshit. The internet is way smarter than any of us.”

“In terms of business, do not take out huge advances to fund projects, because they are only loans, and have strings attached.” he added.

Train2Game students have received advice about getting into the industry from Valve before, as part of to The Train2Game Blog interview with Chet Faliszek. The game writer told us that modding is “a really good way” to get noticed in the industry.

“It’s a really good way for someone to get noticed because it shows that you’re able” he told The Train2Game Blog.

“Normally modders have to work as a team and that’s important, and they also have to be able to finish something and that’s really important. So those two things together are a really good way to demonstrate that you’re ready to work in the industry.”

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on Gabe Newell’s advice? Will you be taking it on board?

Leave your comments here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

[Source: Develop Online]

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