Train2Game news: Lionhead provide advice to artists on getting ahead in the industry

Fable IIITrain2Game Art & Animation students should definitely read the latest article in Develop Online’s ‘New Year, New Job’ feature, as Lionhead Head of Art Paul McLaughlin gives tips on how to be a great artist in a game development studio.

His advice for artists is as follows, and it could be especially useful to Train2Game students who are currently on Train2Game industry experience placements.

• Turn up for work and be nice to people.
• Make your boss’s life easier, not harder.
• Take a deep interest in whatever you’re working on. Do your damnedest to understand the art/game direction.
• Find out what you’re good at that is useful to the team and try to excel in that area.
• Keep your skills honed. No matter how senior you are, you still need to show ‘potential’.
• Work with the production team. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver, and if you’re struggling then flag it early.
• Don’t let your ego get in the way of doing what’s required.

It’s excellent advice for Train2Game Artists, who along with all other Train2Game students should keep an eye on Develop Online’s jobs feature for more excellent advice from industry professionals.

For more great advice from Lionhead, Train2Game students should check out this Train2Game Blog post in which Peter Molyneux offers guidance about getting into the games industry. He also reveals that many Lionhead staff started their careers as QA Testers.

What are your thoughts on the advice from Lionhead?

Leave your comments here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

[Source: Develop Online]

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