Train2Game news: Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning producer on getting into the industry

Train2Game students who want to get into the production side of the games industry could do worse than to take advice from someone working in that position for EA.

And in the latest post of EA’s ‘Breaking into the industry’ series, EA Partners Producer Benjamin Smith – who most recently worked on Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning – says that aspiring producers need to know why a game is good or bad, in addition to being good communicators.

“In Production, you should know what is and isn’t a good game at a mechanics level – not just a game level – because you need to understand why a particular game is good. But you should also be good at process. Organized. Articulate. This is a relationship job and a relationship business.” he responded to the question of what advice he’d give to aspiring producers.

The whole interview should be very interest to Train2Game students, and Smith even details how he began working for EA as a tester. Read the whole thing in full on the EA website.

The useful EA web series has already provided some great advice to Train2Game students, with Dead Space 2 game designer Brian Bartram, and EA Environment Artist Phillip Simmons both having previously shared their tips for breaking into the industry.

The Train2Game Blog recently spoke to UFC Undisupted 3 Senior Designer Wes Bunn, who also provided Train2Game students with advice on how to get a job in the games industry.

So, have you thought about becoming a Producer in future? What do you think of Smith’s advice?

Leave your comments here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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