Train2Game news: Mojang hire new developers from Minecraft community

Train2Game students might be very interested to hear that Minecraft developer Mojang has hired some new employees, and all of them are from the in-game community.

The four new Mojang employees all come from Bukkit, a community modding group focused on improving Minecraft servers.

The team “will work on improving both the server and the client to offer better official support for larger servers and server modifications.” posted Minecraft lead developer Jens Bergensten on the Mojang blog.

“The plan is to build a fresh server API, and then extend it to support client-side modding. We will try to make it easy for bukkit users to convert if they wish to do so, but backwards compatibility is not guaranteed.

“We will, however, help bukkit to be compatible with 1.2, to avoid having a long gap while you wait for the official Minecraft server to catch up.” he said, before adding that the main reason for the hires is to make Minecraft better.

“We hope that this will help the quality of Minecraft multi-player to improve, both for large and private family servers, while still being able to add fun stuff for the bigger audience.”

It serves as a reminder to Train2Game students about the benefits of modding. You can remind you about that throughout the Train2Game Blog.

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So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on Mojang hiring from the Minecraft community?

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[Source: Mojang]

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