Train2Game news: Diablo III enters open beta weekend

Train2Game students can play Diablo III this weekend, as Blizzard has announced an open beta will be active from today through until Monday. The purpose of the Diablo III open beta is to stress test the servers ahead of next month’s release.

Those interested in taking part in this weekend’s Diablo III open beta need to log in to or create their account at, then download the game client from here. Diablo III beta testers can team up with friends and play all of the game’s five classes up to Level 13. A full FAQ on the beta is on Battlenet.

Beta testing is an excellent way for Train2Game students, especially those on the Games QA Tester course to practice their bug hunting skills. In a recent interview with The Train2Game Blog, Brawl Busters developers Rock Hippo told us that beta testing is “crucial” to the game development process.

For more on beta testing, how it’s useful for Train2Game students, and opportunities to get involved with it, keep reading the Train2Game blog.

Are you looking forward to Diablo III? Will you be taking part in the open beta this weekend?

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