Train2Game News: BioWare programmer offers advice on getting into the industry

Those looking to get into the games industry need to be aware that you need more than just a love video games. That’s according BioWare programmer Fernando Secco who argues you need to be aware of a wide variety of different areas.

“I think a good advice is always to say that playing games is very different than working with games. One can love and know a lot about games. But video games are not only about making games, it’s about working in team, building a vision, dealing with customer, studying, learning and finding out that your ideas may be not as good as you thought.” he told the BioWare Blog.

Secco added that whatever area of the games industry you’re aiming for, you need to practice your skills.

“I think the most important thing is make sure that is what you want. Not many people want to mix their hobby with their work. If you are sure what you want then pick an area you like, try to understand what a professional on that area does, which are his responsibilities, what he has to deliver, which tools he needs to know and start practicing.” he said.

Train2Game students can find out more about what it’s like to be a programmer at BioWare in the full interview with Fernando Secco.

There’s much more advice from games professionals on getting into the industry here on The Train2Game Blog.

As usual, leave your comments here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

2 thoughts on “Train2Game News: BioWare programmer offers advice on getting into the industry

  1. Get into the game industry? WHY? So that we can spend 10 years, working long hours, learning hundreds of technical skills, to be bit players in making games that get ruined by factors out of our control??? Bioware is a prime example of a studio that has or had all the talent to make amazing games, but they are under the thumb of EA, and the motives for pleasing a larger demographic. They have spent thousands of hours of creative endeavour running in circles with their Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchise, to no truly good effect. The Star Wars MMO became a lame WOW clone with masses of technical weakness, design limits, and ZERO inspiration or even true FUN factor. Why develop skills, talents, so that it can be wasted? Why be a team leader in teams lead by arseholes from EA? Much more fun just being an overweight over-opinoned ‘conneiseur’ down in the sewers of the metacritic user forum, dumbing lovely big goose eggs on everything. I think 400 recently retrenched game designers from 38 studios provide plenty of new blood a plenty, and those who are thinking about a job in design may consider something less ‘exciting’ like good old industrial design, and stick to playing games as a hobby. If you are a game designer good luck and hope you all get on projects with directors with a high creative vision and the testicles to keep it in the face of corporate tinkering. CHEERS!

    • ^^ This boys and girls is what a failed designer rants like. While I do agree that Bioware fundamentally make digital turds, giving up working in the industry as a whole is a brilliant idea: if everyone jumped off the band wagon, you wouldn’t have any games to sit on your fat lazy arse and play. Just because YOU’RE a shit designer, doesn’t mean everyone else is.

      What do you need to get into the industry other than a love for playing games? How about a love for making games…all you need is to get off your arse and actualy do something.

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