Train2Game News: Frogster producer Rüdiger Moersch on getting into the industry

Getting involved with a gaming community and studying games related courses are great ways to attempt to break into the industry.  That’s according to Frogster producer Rüdiger Moersch who was speaking to The Train2Game Blog at Rezzed.

Frogster are publishers of upcoming monster-hunting MMO RaiderZ, which is currently accepting sign-ups of an upcoming beta.  The German company are also publishers of recently released MMO Tera.

“It really depends on what section of the games industry you want. If you want to go for CS, or something like that, or even some community management, you must have some experience in the community.” Moersch responded when we asked him for advice about getting into the games industry.

“The best way to get into community management for example, in my opinion, is to open up your own guild, manage it on a small scale, get the experience there, being involved in the games and love the games of course. If you want to get into programming or art or something like that, study.” he added.

The Frogster producer also revealed how he got started in the games industry.

“You know, I started something like 25 years ago! I was looking for a job at the time, living in Germany, and I stumbled over an advert in a newspaper looking for a computer gaming company for a CS guy, so I went for it, applied and ended up at Soft Gold.” he said.

“I don’t know if you know the name of it anymore, but it was a German publisher, and we had some really cool games like the early LucasArts games, and I worked my way up, basically.” Moersch added.

There’s more advice from games professionals about getting into the industry here on The Train2Game Blog.

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