World Cup fever: Good for EA

The FIFA World Cup is now just 37 days away and football fans are no doubt gearing up for one of the biggest sporting spectacles on the planet. Supporters in the UK –  or at least in England, the only home nation to feature in the tournament – appear to be feeling the buzz already if the latest game charts are anything to go by, with 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa storming to the top of the UK charts in it’s first week. It’s an impressive feat in itself but perhaps even more so when you consider that it’s beaten off competition from Super Street Fighter IV which is certainly no pushover.

It’s the third time this year EA have topped the all format charts this year having already done so with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Mass Effect 2. Naturally successful sequels are big success stories, and can often be bigger than the originals, which isn’t only good news for companies such as EA, but also any of you on the Train2Game courses. Successful games generally mean big sequels with bigger budgets and therefore potentially new opportunities to ply your trade in the industry. Good ay?

EA say they’ve made hundred’s of improvements with FIFA World Cup looking better than FIFA 10 and apparently plays better too. It certainly sends a message to long time EA rivals Konami, who announced PES 2011 today. Imagine what EA can do with the time they still have available to produce FIFA 2011. You have to wonder how much more realistic both gameplay and graphics can get…the sky might very well be the limit for anyone looking at breaking into the games industry right about now. Things have come a long way in the next five years, and who knows what the next five will hold?

Well, no doubt there will be another FIFA World Cup game that could top the charts…roll on Brazil 2014!

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