Microsoft defends Kinect price

The Kinect motion controller is ‘very competitively priced.’ That’s according Microsoft UK Marketing Manager Brett Siddons who also says out that Xbox 360 device offers a full multiplayer experience when compared to its rivals.

Speaking at the Kinect stand at an Amazon event, Siddons told Techradar:

“The price thing itself depends on how you look at it, its £129.99 RRP but it comes with a game within that price – so Adventures will be packed in with the camera.”

“If you buy it with the console which normally costs £149.99, [the package price is] £249.99 with the Kinect and the games – another 100 pound on top.

“The camera tracks six people – with two active gamers – you don’t have to buy anything else.

“I’ll let you do the maths but when you say Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Move you buy this and this, even for a two player games.

“What do you need and what do actually have to spend for a two player game for this device versus that device. You actually find that [Kinect] is very competitively priced.”

TechRadar helpfully do ‘the maths.’  They point out that while a basic PlayStation Move pack consisting of a controller and a PlayStation Eye costs just £49.99, buying another motion sensor controller and two sets of navigation controllers for multiplayer games brings the PlayStation Move price up to £150. Of course, Sony could still announce other packages before Move is released.

It appears Mr Siddons wasn’t asked why Kinect costs more in the UK than in the United States. If the price was directly converted from the $150 US price, Kinect would cost £95. It’s very unlikely that VAT on its own adds the additional £35.

So, Train2Game universe, do you agree with the Microsoft UK Marketing manager that Kinect is competitively priced. Or do you think the PlayStation Move, or indeed, Nintendo Wii offers more value for money? And what do you think of the difference between the UK and US prices?

As usual, leave your thoughts here or on the Train2Game forum.

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