250 GB Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle confirmed

250 Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Microsoft has announced a 250 GB Xbox bundle, complete with their new motion controller Kinect, will be released on November 10th.  That’s means the 250 GB Xbox bundle will be the released the same day Microsoft Kinect is released in Europe, and…say it through gritted teeth… just in time for Christmas.

The 250GB Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle – complete with game Kinect Adventures – will cost £299.99. The bundle of course contains a camera for the 250GB Xbox 360 slim that you’ll get with it too.

Microsoft say the 250GB Xbox 360 Slim and Kinect bundle will be limted edition, so if any Train2Game students want to get their hands on one, well you may have to be quick about it.

Of course, if you already own an Xbox 360 or an Xbox 360 slim, you’ll be able to buy Kinect hands free motion controller for £130 in the UK.

Some launch titles for Kinect for Xbox 360 include Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Kinectimals and Kinect Joy Ride.

Microsoft will be hoping the Xbox 360 250 GB console and Kinect bundle will prove successful enough to catch up to PlayStation Move sales, with the Sony motion controller being released on September 15th. Reviews for PlayStation Move have generally been positive.

So Train2Game, are any of you buying Kinect when it’s released on November 10th? Could the 250GB Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle tempt you? Perhaps you’re planning to buy PlayStation Move instead?

Or are just not interested in any type of motion controller at all, be it for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3? Would you rather get your hands one of the recently announced new Xbox 360 controllers?

You can leave your thoughts on the 250 GB Xbox 360 & Kinect bundle, or motion controllers in general here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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