The new Kevin Butler PlayStation Move advert is awesome

Sony have released another new Kevin Butler ad ahead of next weeks much anticipated release of PlayStation Move.

This time Kevin Butler is the Sony VP of Family Funterventions (with his very own awesome looking PlayStation VP-ehicle) and he’s promoting what the PlayStation Move can do – which in a dig at Microsoft Kinect includes ‘sitting gaming.’

Oh, and Kevin Butler also announces that he’s moving in with the family featured in the PlayStation Move ad…not that they’re keen on it. Hopefully our favourite PlayStation Exec won’t be starting anymore fires…

You can watch the new Kevin Butler PlayStation Move ad – Kevin Butler Moves In- below.

The video release comes after Sony say they’ve ‘adapted a more international perspective’ with their gaming marketing strategy than they have in the past. President and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Kaz Hirai said:

“This is a very much overseas market driven organisation. So our new perspective is very important.”

However, The PlayStation Move is likely to have slower but more sustained sales than a traditional gaming property, according to an expert Christopher Dring, Deputy Editor at trade publication MCV.

The PlayStation Move motion controller is released on September 15th in Europe then September 17th in North America.

So Train2Game, what do you think of the new Kevin Butler ad? Will you be buying a PlayStation Move? If so is it a day one purchase, or are you going to be biding your time?

You can leave your thoughts on the Kevin Butler ad, or the PlayStation Move here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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