Third official Train2Game webinar details

The third official Train2Game webinar will be taking place from 6:15 pm on Wednesday 20th October.

Previous Train2Game webinars have covered subjects including the games industry and the Train2Game Games Designer, Games Developer and Games Artist & Animator courses.

This time, the main speakers be focusing on will be on the new Train2Game Incubator Scheme. The Train2Game Incubator Scheme will give  best and brightest Train2Game graduates work placements at UK games studios. The Train2Game incubator scheme will also give the best students the financial support required to develop their own commercial video games. More information about the Train2Game Incubator Programme is available here.

The Train2Game webinar panel will be hosted by the Clive Robert (CEO of DR Studios) and Tony Bickley (COO of DR Studios). They’ll be joined b Mike Montgomery (Iconic Developer / CEO of the Bitmap Brothers), Jon Hare (Ambitious Games Designer & Founder and Owner of Tower Studios) and Dave Sharp (Incubator Scheme Co-Ordinator). More information about each of the speakers can be found on the Train2Game webinar website.

The Train2Game webinar is based upon questions from both students and the wider public. If you want to ask the Train2Game webinar panel a question, send it to before the webinar begins.

It’ll also be possible to ask the panel questions during the Train2Game webinar through Skype. In order to ask live questions during the session, simply install Skype and direct your questions to the username train2gamewebinar.  Skype is available for download here.

The Train2Game webinar will take place at 6:15pm on Wednesday 20th October 2010.

The previous Train2Game webinar is available online, you can see it here.

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