Bioware tease next game

Bioware Teaser

Bioware has released a teaser about a previously announced game, set to be revealed at next months Spike TV Video Games Awards.

The game doesn’t look like it’ll be the much anticipated Mass Effect 3, because as you can see in the video, the new project looks to have a more modern setting than the sci-fi RPG. Could Bioware be bring an RPG twist to the stream of contemporary first person shooters we’re seeing at the moment? Will this game be a shooter?

What’s certain is that whatever Bioware are working on, it’s going to be quite different to Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

You can draw your own conclusions, that is until Bioware reveal more, by watching the teaser trailer below.

So yes, that definitely looks a lot different to Bioware’s previous games, especially Dragon Age: Origins. However, Dragon Age: Origins is one of the best RPG’s out there, and Dragon Age 2 is shaping up nicely, so it’s likely that Bioware know what they’re doing. (I haven’t got round to the Mass Effect series yet, but I hear it’s just as good, if not better than Dragon Age)

As Bioware’s teaser trailer says, we’ll find out more at Spike TV’s Video Games Awards on December 11th

So Train2Game, what do you make of the Bioware teaser trailer? What do you think the game could be? Are you disappointed that it doesn’t look like it’ll be Mass Effect 3?

You can leave your thoughts about the Bioware teaser trailer here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

1 thought on “Bioware tease next game

  1. Not being funny but it does look like mass effect to me, the weapons and armour look slightly different but not enough to difinitly say its not mass effect.

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