Train2Game student team game Postal Panic released for iPad this week

Horizon Studios, an independent developer comprising entirely of students on Train2Game courses, will soon release their internally developed touch screen puzzle game Postal Panic for iPad on the Apple App Store. The game will be free for the first three weeks.

 Train2Game is pleased to announce that following the first three weeks, 50% of the revenue from the game will be going to the ‘Princes Trust’

Postal Panic is the fun postcode delivering game developed by Train2Game students. Your job is simple; deliver the parcels to the postcodes as quickly as you can.

As the Parcels come down the conveyor belt, you need to deliver them to the postcode displayed on the Postal Scanner 7000; you need to do this before they hit the bottom, as this will damage the parcels and Postal Paul will get fined. Too many fines and you’re in for the sack!


• Accurate map of the UK postal code system

• Simple, intuitive touch &swipe game controls

• Single or Multiplayer with up to 4 players

• Addictively fun puzzle game play and scoring

• Learn the Post Code areas of the UK and impress your friends & family

For updates on Postal Panic head to the official website at 

Postal Panic is set for release on the iPad, and available from the iTunes App store, from Thursday 30th June.

Postal Panic was developed by Train2Game student team Horizon Studios as part of the Train2Game Christmas Competition 2010.

To play more games developed by Train2Game students, visit the official Train2Game Game Jam website, where all the games developed during the 48 hour event are available for free.

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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