Train2Game students split on potential of 3D gaming


Train2Game students don’t appear to be fully convinced by comments made by Sony on the potential of 3D in gaming.

As reported by the Train2Game blog,  Sony Group Studio Director Mick Hocking believes the technology means we’re in “one of the most thrilling eras to be a gamer”

And while some Train2Game students on the Train2Game Facebook page believe in the potential of gaming in 3D, some see it as little more than a fad.

“If the 3D is right, I feel it adds to the immersion of the gaming experience” said Train2Game student Richard Meredith

“Maybe not so much in shooter’s as I feel that the screen has too much going on and can cause confusion, don’t get me wrong some areas are of shooters in 3D are great, but I feel 3D works best for racing, sports, and third person perspective games.”

And Train2Game student Danny Goddard believes it definitely has potential.

Don’t think 3D tech is quite “there” yet.” he wrote on the Train2Game Facebook page

“However, I do consider it a stepping stone to greater things in the future of entertainment/Games industry.” He added.

Meanwhile, some Train2Game students believe 3D is nothing more than a gimmick which will eventually pass.

“3D is a fad the comes around every 10 years or so, sooner the better it goes the same way the HDDVD drive went for the 360” said Mark Byrne, while Louise Grundy believes 3D looks good, but is still just a fad.

“3D on the 3DS looked better than I expected, but it’s just a gimmick and nothing more.” She wrote on the Train2Game Facebook page

There are also those such as Calum Knight who believe 3D has potential, but needs to do more to avoid falling into a failed technology fad.

“If they ever get 3D to work with the gameplay of a game yes, if it’s just for showing off simply no. Current 3D is just a gimmicky fad at the moment.” he said.

And finally, responding to Train2Game via Twitter, Levi Dargue was more than a little cynical about Sony’s enthusiasm for 3D gaming.

Of course they would say that, those shiny new overpriced 3DTV’s won’t sell themselves” he said.

Where do you stand on 3D?

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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