Train2Game news: EverQuest goes free-to-play 13 years after launch

Train2Game students have seen plenty of posts about MMOs going free-to-play, and the original Everquest is adopting that model almost 13 years after its 1997 launch.

Players will be able to use the free-to-play model, a ‘Silver’ model acquired for a one off payment of $5, and a ‘Gold’ model that continues with the $15 a month subscriptions.

“We’re excited to be expanding the EverQuest experience by making the game more accessible to every type of player so that you can choose to play the game in a way that suits you best.” said Everquest producer Thom Terrazas

“Anyone who wishes to start, return or continue to play one of the “Best Games of All-Time” can simply download and play EverQuest on their terms – think of it as Free to Play, Your Way.”

“Recurring subscriptions, non-recurring subscriptions, Silver or Free memberships, item unlockers, and more. The game will now be setup to be flexible so that *you* can decide how much to pay, based on how much fun you’re having.” he added.

EverQuest will go free-to-play for the first time since its 1997 launch in March.

For more information about EverQuest going free-to-play, see the full statement from Producer Thom Terrazas.

EverQuest II made the switch to free-to-play towards the end of last year, a move that saw a 300% jump in new player registrations.

Dungeons and Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, DC Universe Online and Star Trek Online are among a number of previously subscription based titles that have made a leap to free-to-play.

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So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on EverQuest going free-to-play? Have you played it in the time since its 1997 launch?

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