Train2Game news: Question Notch in BAFTA Games live Q&A on Thursday

Train2Game students have the chance to question Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson thanks to a live Twitter Q&A from BAFTA Games.

The Q&A with Notch takes place tomorrow, Thursday 15th March at 12:30. Train2Game students who wish to ask Minecraft creator a question can do so by Tweeting @BAFTAGames using the #NotchQA hashtag.

If you’re not on Twitter, tells us what you’d like to know, and we’ll submit the question on your behalf.

The Twitter Q&A comes ahead of Notch receiving the BAFTA Special Person Award at the GAME British Academy Video Games Awards on Friday night.

The Notch Q&A isn’t the only BAFTA event that happens tomorrow, with Dare to be Digital: Pitching a Prototype taking place in the evening.

Yesterday, The Train2Game Blog reported that Notch worries that his next game won’t be able to achieve the same impact as Minecraft.

For more Notch news, keep reading the Train2Game Blog.

So Train2Game, what would you ask Notch?

Leave your suggestions here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

BAFTA’s public events and online resources bring you closer to the creative talent behind your favourite games, films, and TV shows. Find out more at, or

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