Train2Game News: David Perry to be named Development Legend at Develop Awards

Train2Game students will see David Perry honoured for his achievements in the games industry with the title of Development Legend at this year’s Develop Industry Excellent Awards.

Perry has almost three decades of experience in the industry, working on over 100 games across 29 different platforms. Among them are titles including Earthworm Jim, The Terminator, Messiah and The Darkness.   More recently, Perry has headed up cloud gaming service Gaikai as CEO, and he’s one of the longest serving members of the Game Developer’s Conference Advisory Board.

“A truly progressive games developer who started coding games as a kid in the UK, David’s career has touched every topic and theme of the business that matters: coding, design, publishing, distribution, licensing, creating original content, working with brands, free-to-play, online gaming, writing, cloud gaming and supporting students,” said Develop and MCV editor-in-chief Michael French.

“Over the last 30 years he’s had multiple number one hits in his career, and the games and services he has devised or worked on have set the bar for many that followed. We look forward to welcoming him on stage this July to collect his much-deserved honour.” he added.

David Perry said he was grateful for the accolade.

“I’m incredibly flattered by this award. I’m from Great Britain and have incredible respect for the people that have been recognised in previous years. My mother is going to be blown away; she thought she was buying me that first Sinclair ZX81 to do homework on.”

Previous winners of the Development Legend Award include Ian Livingstone, Peter Molyneux, David Braben, Charles Cecil, and Phil Harrison.  The Develop Industry Excellence Awards take place in Brighton during Develop Conference week on Wednesday 11th July.

What are your thoughts on the award for David Perry and his illustrious career?

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