Train2Game News: Dragon Age Level Designer on getting into the industry

Dragon Age 2 Train2Game blog image

Train2Game students looking to make that first step into working full-time in the industry should need to practice making their own games. That’s according to BioWare level designer Kaelin Lavallee, who has worked on both Dragon Age games.

“Make your own games! With all the free tools out there these days (XNA, Unreal, Unity) it’s easy to get started creating them.” he told BioWare Blog.

“Hone your skills (I can’t believe I just said that). Just don’t be lazy! You can’t have an awesome job and be lazy.”

The interview also sees Lavallee discuss is role as a level designer, and how there’s no such thing as an “average day” in the office at BioWare.

The full BioWare interview with level designer Kaelin Lavalee is here.

There’s more advice from professional game developers on how to get into the industry, right here on the Train2Game Blog. Keep reading for the latest news from BioWare.

What are your thoughts on Lavellee’s advice?

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