Train2Game News Dragon age Inquisition story DLC announced


BioWare, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, announced brand-new downloadable content (DLC) that expands the singleplayer experience for Dragon Age: Inquisition, winner of over 100 Game of the Year awards.

Now available for digital download, the Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon DLC adds an exciting new story arc to the campaign and expands on its already vast world with a new region of Thedas to explore. Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon is available first on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC via Origin for £11.99.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon will reveal the fate of the last Inquisitor and the powerful dragon he hunted. The new content expands the land of Thedas with a massive new playable area covered in mountains and lush forests, where danger lurks in the shadowy undergrowth. As players explore the vertical landscape and dense wilderness fighting off vicious enemies, they will collect legendary armour and weapons before unearthing an ancient secret that could destroy the world.

“We are humbled by the game’s reception so far but are not done with the world of Thedas just yet,” said Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director, BioWare. “We hope the new DLC speaks to our dedication of growing Inquisition with meaningful and exciting new content for our fans, new and old.”

Winner of over 160 industry awards, including more than 100 Game of the Year awards globally, Dragon Age: Inquisition is set in an epic, dark fantasy world where players are empowered to shape and drive their experiences. BioWare’s hallmark gameplay narrative will immerse players with engrossing choices that allow them to experience unique moments based on those decisions. Dragon Age: Inquisition is developed on an RPG game engine underpinned by EA’s cutting edge Frostbite 3 technology.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is developed at BioWare Edmonton with support from BioWare Montreal and other locations. Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon is available now for digital download first on Xbox One and PC as a timed exclusive.

Train2Game News UK Top 20 Games – 24.11.14

GTA VThree big new games released in the charts this week with the release of the next generation Grand Theft Auto V knocking Call of Duty: Advance Warfare off the top spot. Far Cry 4 hit second pushing CoD down to number three. Dragon Age: Inquisition was also released this week debuting at number five.

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Week ending 22 November 2014

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Train2Game Dragon Age Multiplayer


BioWare, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA), today announced the cooperative dungeon crawling multiplayer mode in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Created alongside the massive single player campaign, this marks the first time gamers can play with their friends in the Dragon Age franchise.

The multiplayer mode in Dragon Age: Inquisition will feature action-packed four player cooperative quests separate from the single player open world story.

“For Dragon Age: Inquisition, a special team of veteran developers from the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises created fun, fast-paced multiplayer gameplay that requires strategic teamwork on top of Inquisition’s party-based combat and extensive loot and crafting system,” said Aaryn Flynn, General Manager, BioWare. “It was early in the game’s development that we realized how much fun fans of our series were having, with so many players teaming up in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode. We can’t wait to give Dragon Age fans an even bigger and deeper experience.”

In Dragon Age: Inquisition’s multiplayer mode, four players will team up across a range of multiplayer quests and objectives, exploring intricate dungeons and vanquishing all who oppose them. While dungeon-crawling, players will collect loot, salvage items, craft new weapons and armor, and unlock new characters. At launch, players will be able to unlock up to twelve characters across the three Inquisition classes of Legionnaire, Reaver and Mage, each playing a different and strategic role in multiplayer combat. Multiplayer in Dragon Age: Inquisition is a standalone experience from the open world story players will embark in the main game, and will not have an impact on single player progression or story.

Players can pre-order Dragon Age: Inquisition to get special bonus content. Visit the Dragon Age website for more information on editions, including the Deluxe Edition available for pre-order and the upcoming Inquisitor’s Edition.

Train2Game News: Mid-week round up – 21.11.12

A trailer for the next Borderlands 2 DLC has been released. It is full of explosions, carnage and hilarity. From the looks of the trailer, Tiny Tina is back which is great news, she is a highly amusing character. When I heard about this DLC I was worried it was going to be another “Moxxis Underdome” but luckily it looks like it’s a proper campaign. You can enjoy the trailer here.

Peter Molyneux has announced that up to six new features could be coming soon for the experiment app Curiosity. The new features are currently on the prototype phase. Molyneux hasn’t released what they are yet but did give the clue ‘Badgers’. The new features have been designed by watching how people are using the cube. As of 3pm today 30 layers have been chiselled away.

The company behind The Walking Dead episodic series of games has had to move to a bigger premises. Telltale currently employ about 125 staff, but the new space will provide enough room for 160 employees, and the company is planning a hiring spree for 2013.

Microsoft’s further venture in to entertainment sees a new app coming soon which will turn your Xbox into a Karaoke machine. You’ll able to purchase singing time in blocks of two, six or 24 hours with your Microsoft Points. The app, simply named Karaoke, offers over 8000 tracks. You’ll be able to warble along to pop, rock and country tunes, plus some R&B and hip-hop tunes.

Windows Phone may not have the market share of Apple or Google, but it does appear to be winning in one key area for game developers: monetization. According to data from EEDAR’s 2012 Mobile Syndicated Reports, Windows smartphone users “consistently outspend their peers” with almost 10 percent of Windows gamers classified as “Whales” (those who spend more than $25 a month) compared to just four percent on both iOS and Android.

Sony has released the public version of the PlayStation Mobile SDK, allowing developers to create content for a wide range of devices and sell through the PlayStation Store. As well as PlayStation Certified Android hardware, developers can build apps and games for the PlayStation Vita, PSP and the PlayStation 3 with an annual license fee of just £60.

Artist, Andrew Ryan, has created some gorgeous character art by putting Mass Effect character in to the Dragon Age universe. The Normandy is a high dragon ridden by Joker, Garrus is an awesome crossbow-wielding knight, Jack’s a blood mage elf and EDI is a golem. Each character was designed separately before being combined in the final diorama. You can check out the pictures on his Deviant Art page, here.

Train2Game News: Mass effect of Bioware ‘fathers’ on the move

Bioware has announced its plans for the future following the departure of their founding members.

Earlier in the week Dr Ray Muzyka and Dr Greg Zeschuk, the founding fathers of Bioware, left the company.

To reassure the world, the company announced what’s next in line for development. The biggest announcement was that of a new IP for the next generation of consoles.

Aaryn Flynn, General Manager of Bioware Edmonton and Montreal, said “Casey [Hudson, Mass Effect series boss] and his leads are putting together their vision for an all-new game set in a fictional universe, built from the bottom-up with all new gaming technology.”

Their next project to launch will be more DLC for the highly popular Mass Effect 3. They have said they will develop more multiplayer and single player content. The single player content is strongly rumoured to be set on the Mass Effect 2 location, Omega. The add-on should see players team up with angry asari Aria T’loak to retake her crime-laden home from long time antagonists Cerberus.

Bioware are currently looking in to how they can expand the Mass Effect series in to another game for the series.

The company have also been working on their other highly popular series, Dragon Age. The third instalment was announced a few days ago named Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. No more details have been released about the game to date.

Mr Flynn said about the departure of the Doctors “I know this might be concerning for some of you but the leaders at BioWare have had some time to think about it – to think about how the games, the fans, and the creative teams would move on without the two guys who started this organization back in 1995.

“We – including Ray and Greg – think the studio is solid and the team here is ready to embark on a whole new era of games.”

Train2Game News: BioWare senior writer Jennifer Hepler on getting into the industry

Dragon Age 2 Train2Game

Aspiring game designers looking to break into the industry should work on tabletop roleplaying games in order to learn about writing. That’s according to BioWare senior writer Jennifer Hepler who wrote plots for Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

“If you don’t have a pressing need to make money, do a little time working for tabletop roleplaying games. It’s fairly easy to break in, because they pay peanuts, but you learn a ton about game design from working with dice systems.” she told the BioWare Blog, adding that it looks good when applying for jobs in the games industry.

“And since most videogame designers (certainly of RPGs) are huge tabletop game geeks, it’s a great credit to have when applying for jobs. Most people in the tabletop field end up drifting into videogames eventually, since you can live on what they pay you, so you’ll also make contacts who can end up being helpful down the line.” said the Dragon Age writer.

Hepler also described how she and her husband – Mass Effect writer Chris Hepler – broke into the games industry and even had a stint in Hollywood.

“My entry into games came in college when I met my now-husband and was introduced to Vampire and Shadowrun.” she said.

“Having spent my high school years writing and trying to sell short stories, I immediately thought about trying to do some professional writing for RPGs, and by the time we graduated college, Chris Hepler (now a writer on Mass Effect) and I had written several books for Shadowrun, Earthdawn and Paranoia.”

“We then took a detour in Hollywood for a few years, but it was a very natural gravitation back toward games which brought us to GDC to meet Bioware. After six years in Hollywood, when we were still calling “extras” “NPCs,” we figured maybe we were in the wrong field.” Hepler added.

Read the full interview with BioWare senior writer Jennifer Hepler here, in which she also details what her job involves.

There’s more advice from professionals on getting into the industry here on The Train2Game Blog, with more information on Train2Game courses here.

What are your thoughts on the idea of using tabletop RPGs as a base for getting into the games industry?

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Train2Game News: Dragon Age Level Designer on getting into the industry

Dragon Age 2 Train2Game blog image

Train2Game students looking to make that first step into working full-time in the industry should need to practice making their own games. That’s according to BioWare level designer Kaelin Lavallee, who has worked on both Dragon Age games.

“Make your own games! With all the free tools out there these days (XNA, Unreal, Unity) it’s easy to get started creating them.” he told BioWare Blog.

“Hone your skills (I can’t believe I just said that). Just don’t be lazy! You can’t have an awesome job and be lazy.”

The interview also sees Lavallee discuss is role as a level designer, and how there’s no such thing as an “average day” in the office at BioWare.

The full BioWare interview with level designer Kaelin Lavalee is here.

There’s more advice from professional game developers on how to get into the industry, right here on the Train2Game Blog. Keep reading for the latest news from BioWare.

What are your thoughts on Lavellee’s advice?

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Train2Game news: Bioware exploring ‘experimental’ mobile market

Train2Game students will know that iPhone gaming as a whole has become big business with a number of publishers plotting a long term mobile strategy.

And while the Train2Game blog has previously reported that EA has detailed plans for mobiles, Bioware, who publish the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series’ under the EA, don’t have any specific plans for mobile, but it’s something they’re looking into.

“We’re doing more stuff. EA as a whole is doing more mobile games, and at BioWare we’re looking at mobile extensions for our franchises as well,” BioWare founder Dr. Ray Muzyka told Industry Gamers.

“Nothing to announce specifically right now, but mobile’s going to be one of the dominant platforms going forward.” added co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk

And he believes mobile will become as strong as traditional consoles.

“It’s going to be right up there with anything else – it already is in a sense. In terms of dollar share, maybe not yet, but we’re just starting down the hill on free-to-play on mobile devices. That’s a big thing right now. So yeah, we take mobile pretty seriously.”

As previously reported by the Train2Game blog, free-to-play games generate a majority of App store revenue.  And Zeschuk believes the  free-to-play is a low risk environment to test out new ideas, with the prospect of failure not a catastrophe.

“One thing we’ve learned is that you need to lead with gameplay – making sure the core gameplay is really tight”

And another thing is just understanding the platform well enough that you really are state of the art in terms of what you’re delivering relative to what’s there.” said the Bioware co-founder.

“And sometimes it’s just experimental too, and on mobile with something of that scale it’s actually a lot safer to explore ideas,” he added.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on Bioware looking into mobile? Is it a good area to experiment with?

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[Source: Industry Gamers]

Dragon Age gets live action web series

The narrative of video games is getting increasingly sophisticated – as Train2Game blog readers will have seen earlier this month – but intelligent Game Design rarely seems to transfer into films and television.

Train2Game students may therefore be hoping the latest game to cross the divide will do a much better job!

The USA Today reports that a Dragon Age mini-series, titled Dragon Age: Redemption, is in the works and is being written by actress and creator of popular web comedy series The Guild Felicia Day. She’ll also star as the main character of Tallis, an elven assassin who “fights dirty.”

The six episode series is set in Dragon Age: Origins’ Fereldon and will air later this year.

Long time Train2Game blog readers will know that we’ve been very appreciative of the narrative on Dragon Age: Origins before.

“Tallis is headstrong, she fights dirty, and she has a really sarcastic sense of humor,” said Day. “I wanted to bring a modern sensibility to a fantasy character in a fantasy world.”

The actress is also aware that game adaptations have a poor history, but as a fan of the Dragon Age series, Day remarked she didn’t want this to be repeated with Redemption.

“I am an organic gamer and I love games, and I particularly love this franchise. I put every single effort into making this something that gamers will be proud of. Even though we were constrained a lot as a Web series, none of the people who were involved took that as a constraint. They took that as a challenge.”

“They are going to take this a step above what we have seen on the Web before” She added.

Bioware co-founder Greg Zeschuk praised the project: “We are really, really excited to work with people like her who have a passion and appreciation for the content and a really good history of quality. That’s who we want to work with.”

Dragon Age: Redemption was filmed over 12 days with Independence Day associate producer Peter Winther as director and Lost’s John Bartley as cinematographer.

Dragon Age 2 itself is set for release next month, but Train2Game students can not only get their hands on the game this weekend at Guardian Gamesblog Live, but also meet Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw. If you’re unable to attend, you can see Mike Laidlaw talk about Dragon Age 2 in this very interesting developer diary, as featured on the Train2Game blog last month.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on Dragon Age: Redemption? Do you think the game will transfer well to a web TV series? Do you think Day has enough passion for the Dragon Age? Or are you already convinced that the show will let the game down?

As usual, you can leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum. Alternatively you can let us know your thoughts via the Train2Game Facebook page, or the Train2Game Twitter account.

[Source: USA Today]

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Bioware release extended Dragon Age 2 trailer

Bioware have released an extended version of the Dragon Age 2 reveal trailer first revealed at GamesCom. The new Dragon Age 2 ‘Directors Cut’ trailer gives us an extra 42 seconds of CG based Dragon Age goodness.

The video features Dragon Age 2 protagonist Hawke in a one on one battle with what appears to be a demon, with some very big horns. The swordplay and magic show that the hero of Dragon Age two has more than a few tricks up his sleeve when battling the dark forces.

Interestingly, the narration in the video appears to come from Flemeth. Dragon Age: Origins veterans will know Flemeth has a powerful witch of the wilds.

Is it possible Flemeth will have a role in Dragon Age 2?

Dragon Age 2 will be released in the UK on March 11th 2011, as revealed during EA’s GamesCom press conference last week.

While the Dragon Age 2 trailer looks very impressive, it’s highly unlikely that the actual game footage. However, the Dragon Age: Origins trailer at last years E3 didn’t feature in-game footage, but Dragon Age still proved to be a very impressive role playing game. Good news for fans of the series is that it isn’t over yet, with Bioware revealing more DLC for Dragon Age: Origins in the form of Witch Hunt.

But back to Dragon Age 2, you can watch the extended trailer below.

So, Train2Game what do you think of that? Are you looking forward to Dragon Age 2 being released on March 11th? And how effective do you think the Dragon Age 2 trailer is?

You can leave your thoughts about Dragon Age 2 here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.