Train2Game News: ‘Remain focused’ – Sony on pitching ideas to publishers

Game developers need to be absolutely focused when pitching ideas to publishers, or there’s a high chance the game won’t be signed at all.

That’s according to Sony Computer Entertainment executive producer Pete Smith, who made the comments while presenting his Pitching to Publishers session at Develop Conference 2012.

“You need to know what your games actually about” said Smith. “If you won’t have focus for your game then that’s a serious problem.”

Smith demonstrated the difference between a focus and an unfocused pitch by showing videos of two development teams discussing their game ideas. The first was from Evolution as they pitched Motorstorm in a clear and concise way, with each member of the team using the same key words to describe the idea. Motorstorm went on to sell millions.

A second clip showed a development team attempting to pitch EyeToy Lemmings, but some of the team weren’t even able to say what the game was. The game wasn’t signed and Smith pointed out that the studio doesn’t exist anymore.

“Be able to pitch in one sentence,” the Sony executive producer added, before going onto say a good game idea should attempt to be relevant, distinctive and innovative, and that Sony are happy to work with studios of all sizes.

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What are your thoughts on the advice from Sony? What would you consider when pitching ideas?

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