Train2Game News: Valve looking to create virtual reality glasses

A New York Times interview reveals the hardware Valve has been working on is not a console but virtual reality glasses.

Last week it came to light that Valve were working on hardware for the games industry. Some speculated that they were heading into the console market with a device similar to that of OnLive. Valve addressed the rumours by saying they were more interested in computer input devices instead.

In an interview this morning with Nick Wingfield at The New York Times, Valve revealed its plans for the virtual reality glasses. They were quick to point out that the glasses, or games using the hardware, wouldn’t be hitting the market any time soon.

Valve’s Michael Abrash said “credible augmented-reality games could be three to five years away, though… virtual reality glasses would arrive sooner.”

Valve also expressed an interest in sharing what they have learned with other manufacturers whilst working toward the VR glasses. Valve may not be the one to release them but they certainly want to help move things forward.

The fact that they want to help other companies to develop the glasses shows that they just want to see the games industry move forward to bigger and better things.

It is still not confirmed whether the glasses will work on their own or need a computer to run.

This is a very exciting prospect and will open up games developers to a whole new world of ideas and possibilities.