Train2Game students wanted , Dead or Man Alive

Train2Game student studio Global Empire Soft launch exclusive Beta to Train2Game students

Man Alive

Man Alive spins gaming as we know it on its head and challenges gamers to find ways to kill the main character to progress through the game. With dark humour and superb artwork this completely individual title is set to get gamers talking. By taking part in the Beta, Train2Game students will be able to work with Global Empire Soft to trouble shoot the title ahead of its full release.

The Beta – The Beta testing stage will be the final step towards releasing the game and will be open to students for around two weeks. Those who sign up for the Beta will be asked to play through Man Alive and reply to the global Empire Soft team with their feedback over the period.

To sign up to the Beta, contact:

Man Alive –  Puzzle-platformer but with a unique twist, Man Alive is a bit like Mario meets Limbo and then falls down some stairs.

The goals within Man Alive are very unique, as is the way the player uses the character. The aim of each level is not to survive the onslaught of enemies, but more to avoid being delayed in killing yourself. Some levels you will find yourself using the remains of your previous life to achieve this, such as jumping on your drowned corpse to cross a lake.

Global Empire Soft  –  The Global Empire Soft team is made up of Train2Game students and non-students, including, CEO, Richard Hoffman.

Man Alive on Steam – The Global Empire Soft team have also posted Man Alive on to Steam and they are looking for support to get their game on to the platform. If you follow the link below you can vote to help give Man Alive that opportunity.

Man Alive on Steam

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Man Alive will be released in 2013

To sign up to the Beta, contact:

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