Kinect can’t do a good lightsaber game says Sony engineer

Lightsaber battle

The man behind the PlayStation Eye thinks the upcoming Star Wars game for Kinect won’t be up to much.

SCEE Software Engineer Anton Mikhailov told Eurogamer that “There’s no way Kinect can do a good lightsaber game”.

And while Sony and Lucasarts have yet to announce a Star Wars compatable game for the PlayStation move, Mikhailov boldly claims “It’ll be damn better than Kinect’s.”

When asked about the possibility of a PlayStation Move Star Wars game, the SCEE Software Engineer replied: “I’m not in the product planning division so unfortunately I can’t tell you much more about that, but technologically it’s 100 per cent feasible.

“We can overlay objects over the controller in AR. You’ve seen that in Start the Party, and swords are a really popular one. The fidelity is certainly there to do all sorts of Star Wars kid-style action. You can very well do the lightsaber.”

He went on:

I’m usually not very aggressive, but I will say it’ll [Move’s Star Wars game] be damn better than Kinect could ever do.

“There’s no way Kinect can do a good lightsaber game. Just never. Unless they give you a stick. If they give you a stick then they can do OK, but then they’re going to ruin their whole no controller motto.

“I’ve seen the demo but it’s so scripted, and wasn’t it like, faked?

“Technologically I find it hard how you can do a lightsaber, because there are so many ambiguities, and it’s nearly impossible to track the angles of your wrists.

“I can sort of see them doing it, like hold your hands together and move like this [holds them out in front of his body], and then from the x, y, position and for the angle. If anyone’s listening, you guys should try that. That would probably work all right.”

Earlier this month, Sony said that the PlayStation Move has greatly exceeded expectations.

So Train2Game, what do you think about the Sony mans comments? Is he right? Is the PlayStation Move naturally more suited to the motion control required for swinging a lightsaber around? Or is this just pure trolling of Microsoft and the Xbox 360?

You can leave your thoughts on a PlayStation Move Star Wars game here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

3 thoughts on “Kinect can’t do a good lightsaber game says Sony engineer

  1. Yeah they say no controller, but the user may use something in there hands for co-ordination, to assist with play.

    I aint going to dispute your knowledge but it sounds like you are just having ago, which is slightly competative.

    I think that Kinect will do a perfectly good Lightsaber game.

    A lightsaber is an object anyways? so giving the user something to hold would defeat the purpose at all because you can still kick, jump and dodge!?

  2. I think that’s completely right to be honest there’s no way Kinect will be able to make a lightsaber game better then playstation move, with playstationove it’s always in our hand like a real lightsaber. I don’t think Kinect looks all that aswell.

  3. I have to say you guys are very narrow minded.
    I have played Playstation move and think it is great. I have Kinect and think it is great. However I believe that both will make good starwars games. however my opinion is that Kinect will give you more. And you are still the controller no matter if you do have to get a stick to go with it.

    Can you kick with playstation ‘Move’ physically? Can you jump, Physically? no…you are limtited, you can most probably play from the sofa…?

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