Train2Game news: THQ say future consoles won’t use discs

Train2Game students who like to collect boxed games may find this a little hard to take, but the future of games consoles won’t involve discs.

That’s according to THQ CEO Brian Farrell who made the prediction during his keynote presentation at Cloud Gaming USA.

But it could be a good thing for Train2Game students, the game developers of the future, because according to Farrell the lack of a disc drive “will result in a lower cost for the hardware manufacturer, which will result in a lower cost to consumers and therefore a lower entry point, thus driving more mass market adoption.”

In addition to allowing more people to play games, the THQ CEO believes that any future consoles with no disc drive will generate more revenue for game developers.

“No physical goods cost for game makers. No inventory, no markdowns, and all the money spent by the consumer would go to the developer or publisher.” said Farrell.

Farrell also believes that cloud gaming will be beneficial for gaming communities

“Our games are always on and our players are always connected….We have the opportunity to interact with players in new ways that can be reactive to their desires, play habits, and buying habits.”

“The box, ship and done model is transitioning to: observe, measure, and modify, a games as a service model where direct consumer feedback allows the ability to operate in this always on, always connected environment.” he told Cloud Gaming USA.

Train2Game students will have the opportunity to try out cloud gaming for themselves at the upcoming Eurogamer Expo. As previously reported by the Train2Game blog, OnLive will be at the event and Train2Game students could get their hands on a free OnLive system to take home.

Of course, Train2Game will be highly visible at the Eurogamer Expo too, and are giving Train2Game students the opportunity to win an iPad 2 complete with an i OS developer account.

So Train2Game, what do you make of Farrell’s predictions? Do you think there will be consoles that don’t use discs in future? Is cloud gaming the way forward?

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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