Train2Game news: Creating new IP “can be gut-wrenching” but worth it says Insomniac CEO

Train2Game students who have already developed their own games may have perhaps found building something completely from scratch a challenging affair.

However, they’re not alone, far from it, as Insomniac CEO Ted Price has told Gamasutra building new IP is challenging, but immensely satisfying.

“It’s always a difficult moment, too, when you’re trying to find out what your new IP is. That’s the challenge we’ve set for ourselves over the year,” said Price.

“We want to continue to create new IP, and going through that process at the very beginning can be gut-wrenching, because you’re making big bets on new stories, new characters and new game mechanics that may be unproven.”

The Insomniac CEO added that development team which features a mix of experience levels can help produce interesting new games.

“We have designers who have made a lot of games and know what good game mechanics are,” he said

“And when you have less-experienced members of the team who may not be as well-versed in basic mechanics, but know what the audience is playing and know where culture is today, it’s a good combination.” Price concluded.

Train2Game students can read the full interview over at Gamasutra.

Insomniac Games are the studio behind Spyro, Ratchet & Clank and Resistance. The Train2Game Blog has previously reported that they’re letting social games influence the development of their other titles.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on Price’s comments? Have you experienced the satisfaction of creating your own, unique, games?

Leave your comments on The Train2Game Blog, or here on The Train2Game forum.

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