A useful developer diary for Train2Game students: The technology of Mafia II

2K Games have released a developer diary that provides an insight into their upcoming title Mafia II. It should hopefully be of interest to all Train2Game students be they a Games Designer, Games Developer or Games Artist & Animator.

The Technology of Mafia II gives us a glimpse behind the scenes at 2K Czech and demonstrates the effort that’s been put into giving the sandbox action game an authentic 1940’s and 1950’s feel.

The developers tell us how they want the player to become fully immersed in the Goodfellas inspired rags to riches story. 2K Czech decided the best way to do this was to build their game engine – the Illusion Engine – from the ground up. It appears to have worked with Mafia II looking very impressive, with 2K Czech promising plenty of attention to detail.

We’re also told how the Game Developers and Game Designers want Mafia II players to feel like they’re playing a part in a classic gangster film, with the cut scenes designed to reinforce this impression.

The video gives an interesting insight into Game Development and could be very useful indeed to Train2Game students. Mafia II itself looks impressive and is released on August 27th. You can see gameplay footage and hear the developers’ insights by watching the video below.

So Train2Game, how would you feel about attempting to build a game engine from the ground up? What would you do to fully immerse players into your game world? And are you looking forward to Mafia II?

As usual, leave your thoughts here or on the Train2Game forum.

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