Train2Game students, a timely reminder for you on the benefits of game jamming

The Train2Game & Epic Game Jam begins today and gives the Train2Game students in attendance a great opportunity to build a complete, working game in just 48 hours.

Before the previous Train2Game Game Jam earlier this year, the Train2Game blog spoke to Mediatonic Director of Games Paul Croft about the benefits of game jams. Mediatonic themselves use them internally to create ideas for new games.

“I think it’s really good as it shows that you’re passionate and want to go beyond, and you’re actually genuinely enthusiastic and enjoy what you’re doing.” said Croft on the subject of Train2Game students participating in Game Jams.

“ It shows that it’s more than a job for you and you do it to have fun, you do it because you like it and that’s really the best indication that someone is going to good at their job is if they like it, so I’d say it can definitely help you from that regard. They might not be great portfolio pieces, because they’re kind of hacked together, but I guess with a 48 hour Game Jam you can get something pretty decent together in that time.”

He added that taking part in a Game Jam is also just a lot of fun.

“I encourage people to do Game Jams, I think it’s a great way to – of you’re in the industry or not in the industry – to break out, have fun. I personally like to do Game Jams because I get to do programming again. Just get involved and do it!”

Read the full interview with Mediatonic Director of Games Paul Croft here on the Train2Game blog.

The Train2Game & Epic Game Jam starts today and runs through until Sunday. The winners will get the opportunity to ‘Make Something Unreal Live’ at The Gadget Show Live.

Those Train2Game students attending the Train2Game & Epic Game Jam should check out advice from Train2Game student Fiona Stewart.

Stay tuned to the Train2Game blog for updates throughout the weekend.

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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