Train2Game news: Dear Esther recoups Indie Fund investment in under 6 hours

Train2Game students may be interested to hear that experimental indie title Dear Esther has recouped its Indie Fund investment just hours after being released.

The project which started life as a Half-Life mod sold 16,000 copies in its first 24 hours on Steam, making back its Indie Fund investment in just five and a half hours, meaning Dear Esther is now profitable.

Indie Fund was founded in 2010, with the aim of supporting the next generation of game developers.

More information about Dear Esther’s Indie Fund deal is available on the official website, while you can find out more about the experimental game right here on The Train2Game Blog. It’s available to download for £6.99 via Steam.

Dear Esther isn’t the first Indie Fund game to turn a profit, with puzzler Q.U.B.E returning its investment in four days.

Both titles show that creating an indie game could potentially provide Train2Game students with success.

So, what are your thoughts on Dear Esther becoming profitable so quickly?

Leave your comments here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

1 thought on “Train2Game news: Dear Esther recoups Indie Fund investment in under 6 hours

  1. Thinks this is great news not just for Train2Game students but also the industry as a hole. It show’s that people are still interested in new IP’s and that were not all obsessed with AAA games getting pushed out into the market on yearly dates with very little innovation.
    Congraz to the dev team, i look forward to playing it

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