Train2Game Student Diaries Ezekiel Morris weeks 9 and 10

Ezekiel Morris week 9

Working on a new project so it has been a busy week, we have till Wednesday to get this pitch document done in time so my task was to finish  off  five characters  in 3 days.

I ending up having to stay late with the guys who were collaborating on the project,  we discuss  about the art style to go forward, lucky enough  in my spare time  I  have done quick thumb nails sketches  at weekend then the guy at studio can decide which thumb nails are we going with.

So the first part was easy now  the next part was to  get  some feedback, the guys were loving the characters, I was copying the same art style from the original concept that rod had drawn.

Rod  is in charge of  art style  for this project, he’s shown me some tips  in Photoshop that can be handy to use to speed up my workflow, Anyway I was burning these characters so fast  if there  needs to be any changes I can then  go back to them later.

Staying late working till 10:00 but some Chinese food takeway on the side it’s all good baby.


Ezekiel Morris week 10

Previously this week I have been renaming layers in Photoshop. Didn’t get the chance to rename the layers as the art assets for this pitch document has to be done in the week .

The pitch document is finished and the next step is the production stage. My schedules were to create more characters and begin animating them, that would be my job and for the other artist  doing asset building etc.

So as I‘m the character artist on the project the scenario is this ,animate the characters using  Maya, separate  the character’s body parts  in Photoshop then go into 3d max open the PSD or Targa file and  then apply the texture on plane mesh using the cut tool to cut out the shapes.

Now I might have to learn Maya considering I haven’t had any experience in Maya before  so I’m working closely with Matty  who has an understanding on how to use Maya. Using Maya is not that bad, it’s just like using 3d max in  a way but the setup is a bit different just show me the tools and I will know what to do, alternatively unity 3d doesn’t support some of export settings when exporting  from 3d max, looks like maya is the way to go bro.