Another essential F1 2010 dev diary for Train2Game students

Codemasters have released another F1 2010 developer diary and once again it should make interesting viewing for Train2Game students, particularly the Games Designers.

Entitled Live the Life, and describes what is essentially the games story. You start off as a new driver, with the expectations placed upon you depending on your team and difficulty setting. The video is once again fronted by Formula 1 driver and Technical Consultant on F1 2010 Anthony Davidson, and he explains how your teams expectations are very authentic.

“The expectations for the driver playing the game are the same as in real life given your machinery. At the end of the day, the teammate that you have is the only direct competition you’ll have through the whole season. There’s a strange balance of having to work together but also this desperate competition. Where it gets a little bit personal is events like qualifying and the race where you’re just out there to beat him, no matter what.”

The video also demonstrates how you won’t just be driving the car, but will be involved in press conferences and other media duties with the in-game journalists’ questions depending on how well you’ve been driving. The video doesn’t reveal how this’ll affect the game, but perhaps it’ll be in the style of Football Manager where your reactions can either boost or lower the morale of your team. Or will your comments cause your rivals to almost run you into a wall?

Interestingly, the developers discuss how they’ve striven for realism in the garage by using motion capture from real F1 mechanics to make everything as close to the real thing as possible. Of course, there are also pit girls, whether or not they were motion captured isn’t revealed…

Anyway, you can watch Live the Life of a Formula 1 driver below.

If you missed the previous developer diary, which examined the work put into recreating the cars, you can watch it here.

So Train2Game, what do you think of this latest Codemasters F1 2010 Developer Diary?  Did you expect Games Designers to have to include a story and scripts for a racing game? And how would you like to use motion capture in one of your future games?

As usual, leave your comments here or on the Train2Game forum.

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