Train2Game News: SpecialEffect Case – Reece

Reece is 9 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. He is crazy about football, but has struggled to play with his Dad at games like FIFA using a standard controller.

We met Reece at a SpecialEffectRoadShow in Coventry where he tried out a controller which enabled him to play independently with his Dad.

Reece and his father visited the GamesRoom in April during the Easter holidays to try out some different Xbox360 controller set-ups, specifically looking at ways he could play football games. Standard controllers are too small for Reece to as he finds it hard to control his fine movements. We tried out controllers with larger joysticks he could grip more easily and larger buttons he could press more accurately.

Reece is currently borrowing a larger controller through the SpecialEffect Loan Library which enables him to have greater control over the players’ movement, kicking, tackling etc. Reece and his Dad visited the GamesRoom again mid-June to try out a more customised layout and that looks like the route we’ll take. We’re going to order some equipment to lend to him. Reece and his Dad will return to our GamesRoom for us to tweak the set-up and look at accessing other games.

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