Train2Game News: Art exhibition raises over £21,000 for SpecialEffect

Death of the JokerTrain2game has been told that the London games festival Art Exhibition has raised over £21,000 as the auction enters the final stages.

The art exhibition was held to raise money for the charity, SpecialEffect who help many people with disabilities to be able to play their favourite games with their friends and family.

Some of the pieces of art that are on sale include the stunning Joker’s Death concept sketch from Batman: Arkham City, a fantastic New Super Mario Bros composite, and a huge signed Football Manager 2013 canvass.

As it stands at the moment it looks like the auctions are going to make over £25,000 for the charity which will help them to help more people to play games.

Kirsty Payne, event director of the London Games Festival where the exhibition is taking place said “The response has been overwhelming! The exhibition attracted a huge amount of interest whilst it was being held – but even we have been astonished by the amount people are pledging for these wonderful and rare pieces of art. We’ve just unveiled the final batch of exhibits to go under the hammer, so there’s just over a week left to win a stunning one-of-a-kind exhibit, make someone’s Christmas even more special – and donate to a wonderful charity.“

Mick Donegan, SpecialEffect CEO said “Our huge thanks go to Kirsty Payne, her team and every single artist and software house for making this wonderful idea a reality. It has made an amazing and instant impact on our work. Earlier today I saw a blog from a guy with muscular dystrophy we assessed near Liverpool just a couple of days ago: ‘…Just had a meeting with SpecialEffect fantastic charity – will make a huge difference in the quality of my life – need to raise the funds for my controller and some for others less fortunate…’ Well, this much-needed boost to SpecialEffect’s funds not only means we’ll be able to buy that special loan controller for Lee right now but also for the many of the others he talks about too. Just as important, we’ll be able to take on more specialist time to help with our essential assessment and support work, too. For the people that SpecialEffect help, both right now and into the future, there really couldn’t be a more welcome Christmas present!”

The London Games Festival art auction is running through until December 12 and you can check out some of the art by visiting

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Train2Game News: SpecialEffect Charity Auction

A new art exhibition is auctioning off game pictures for charity SpecialEffect. Everything on display at the London Game Festival exhibition is for sale.

Included in the initial batch are three signed pieces from Batman: Arkham City, two Fable 3 pieces signed by Peter Molyneux and the artists, a signed Metal Gear Solid ‘Raiden’ canvass, plus pieces from Tomb Raider, Dishonored, Moshi Monsters and Runescape.

The collection will be made available to bid on in four batches. The first batch is available now. The others will be put up for auction every Monday until 3rd December.

The auction is held online at

Do remember to keep watching and sharing SpecialEffect’s video. They are well over half way to hitting the target of 25,000 views by christmas day. I know this can be done and it will really help spread the word of SpecialEffect!

Train2Game: SpecialEffect Case – Julian

Julian is a young man with advanced muscular dystrophy and needs ventilation to help him to breathe. Helen & Douglas House in Oxford got in touch with us to ask if we could help him to be able to play games as he’s now only able to move his eyes and one of his fingers; he spends nearly all of his time in his care home in bed.

The SpecialEffect Team visited Julian to assess ways in which we could help him to use the computer to enhance his quality of life and the most important things to him were to be able to play games and to control the television. As soon as we’d raised sufficient funds to buy a loan eye-gaze system under our StarGaze+ project (as all others are already out on loan), we visited Julian again to set up the system for him. Marta had spent time researching the right games for Julian’s abilities and he can now use his system to control the television, play games, watch his favourite videos and play music.
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Train2Game News: SpecialEffect Case – Chloe & Ella

This weeks SpecialEffect case is a very special one. One of the young girls in the video is the daughter of the founder of SpecialEffect. The two girls use Kinect to play together, you can see how much fun they are having.

SpecialEffect has almost reached their goal of 25,000 views so lets keep watching and sharing to help them out!

Train2Game News: SpecialEffect Case – Charlotte

SpecialEffect is still quite small but is doing incredible things. Below is a one minute video of the amazing Charlotte Nott, a 4 year old little girl that battled meningitis and who we have been able to help play with her family and friends again with a specialist Nintendo wii.

Please continue to help SpecialEffect by watching and sharing the video below. We need to get to 25,000 views by Christmas day! It has now reached over 10,000 views, keep up the good work.

Train2Game News: SpecialEffect Case – Reece

Reece is 9 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. He is crazy about football, but has struggled to play with his Dad at games like FIFA using a standard controller.

We met Reece at a SpecialEffectRoadShow in Coventry where he tried out a controller which enabled him to play independently with his Dad.

Reece and his father visited the GamesRoom in April during the Easter holidays to try out some different Xbox360 controller set-ups, specifically looking at ways he could play football games. Standard controllers are too small for Reece to as he finds it hard to control his fine movements. We tried out controllers with larger joysticks he could grip more easily and larger buttons he could press more accurately.

Reece is currently borrowing a larger controller through the SpecialEffect Loan Library which enables him to have greater control over the players’ movement, kicking, tackling etc. Reece and his Dad visited the GamesRoom again mid-June to try out a more customised layout and that looks like the route we’ll take. We’re going to order some equipment to lend to him. Reece and his Dad will return to our GamesRoom for us to tweak the set-up and look at accessing other games.

Don’t forget you can help SpecialEffectby simply watching the video below and sharing it out. We can get this video to 25,000 by December 25.



Train2Game News: SpecialEffect Case: Craig & James


Craig’s father Paul contacted us after seeing one of our videos for a one-handed controller set-up we created online. He wrote “Hi, my son Rifleman Craig Wood lost both his legs and left hand and nose in Afghanistan and I have just seen the “XCM Re-mapper” plus “Saitek Aviator Joystick” in use. Is there any way the lad could try one before buying one?”.

As this is a complicated piece of equipment to set up, we visited Craig at his home in Doncaster to show him how to configure it to his own requirements. He took to using the controller straight away. Craig has the controller on loan through our Loan Library.

A week after our visit, we asked Paul how Craig was getting on with it. “Yes, going good, never off it!”.


We were contacted by James via email requesting help with accessing his Xbox 360. “Hi, I am an injured soldier in the British Army and due to my injury, I have lost the use of my left hand now. I just want to play the games I play with the efficiency I used to be able to with two hands.”

We set James up with the controllers he was interested in trying, to enable him to try each one and see which helped him play to the standard he hoped for.

“I am writing back to say I have been using the controller since it arrived and I find it really useful.”

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Train2Game News: SpecialEffect challenges Train2Game students

SpecialEffect, the games charity, have a challenge for Train2Game students. Their goal is to get 25,000 views of their brand new “SpecialEffect – The Gamers Charity video” by December 25th.

They would like all Train2Game students share it via Facebook and Twitter to get fellow gamers to watch it and share. A community is big as ours should have no trouble getting the video up to 25,000 views.

You can read more about the charity and watch the video in the links below.

Will you take up the challenge?