Train2Game News: Games industry blasts to new heights

The latest numbers from trade association UKIE show the UK games industry being worth £3.266 billion. It accounts for almost half of the entertainment market in the United Kingdom

Over 28,000 people are employed by the industry, 9000 of which are skilled roles at over 200 development studios. The research suggests over 32 million people actively play games in the UK, with the average age of 33. An equivalent of more than one console is owned per household.

In addition Google Play, the android market place, is catching up to Apple’s App Store.

Google play has just surpassed 25 billion downloads of its 675,000 applications and the App store hit 25 billion downloads back in March of its 700,00 apps.

Google has seen over 500 million Android device activations and Apple has seen over 400 million iOS devices activated. The number of Apple devices should rise with the recent release of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. A current potential 900 million mobile gamers on Android and iOS alone.

Google intends to celebrate the 25 billion downloads milestone by offering cheaper featured apps and other discounts on films, books, albums and magazines for the next five days.

With such large numbers people can not ignore the games industry. It is now a big part of the world and should only get bigger with the introduction of the tax break.

The numbers have been released for the start of the London Games Festival which begins today with the opening of Eurogamer.