Train2Game News: Max: Curse of the Brotherhood Review

MaxFor my first review of 2014 I got to review my first Xbox One Game, Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a 2.5D side-scrolling platform video game developed by Press Play for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game is a reimagining of Press Play’s previous work, the 2010 Max and the Magic Marker.

This is in essence the first arcade game to be released on the Xbox One and it is a good starting point. The graphics for the game are not the ultra realistic that most current games for the XB1 are, they are a nice cartoon style that still looks very attractive on the next generation console.

The game play reminds me of Limbo but it does miss that charm that Limbo has which makes it the classic game it is. Max uses his Magic Marker to create; pillars, vines, branches, water slides and Fireballs to navigate his way through the levels and overcome puzzles. When I first saw the trailers for the game I assumed the magic marker was going to be controlled using Kinect which could have shown off how well it can work but the game only uses the controller.

There is a nice level of humour within the game with the main antagonist being called Mustacho which never failed to make me smile. Speaking of Mustacho though, when facing him it has to be one of the most frustrating final bosses I have ever faced.

Throughout the game where death doesn’t hold much of a punishment apart from being restarted at the puzzle you were on, during the boss this becomes incredibly irritating.

My issue with the final boss aside, Max: Curse of the Brotherhood was still an entertaining first arcade game for the Xbox One. If you enjoyed Limbo you will enjoy this.

Max: Curse of the Brotherhood is out now on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.