Train2Game News Games leasing platform launches today


Games leasing platform launches today

John Esslemont and his team are ready to change the games distribution landscape. Publishing and Development distribution platform Gamatier launches today.

Gamatier is a brand new product that lets online and mobile games Publishers and Developers lease games, alongside options to buy. Listing hundreds of different titles, Gamatier will offer bespoke usage options to suit both parties, with Publishers able to decide how they want to access to a game and Developers able to retain ownership. The platform has been created by Developers who studied with Train2Game and have credited the course provider as essential in their game development journey.

Publishers and Developers can now lease and manage games for use on Android through the platform, with iOS, Windows and online, arriving soon. The platform and embedded SDK are completely changing the traditional model of selling games, empowering both Publishers and Developers with real time management, advertising, analytics and distribution tools.

The website and SDK have been created by a UK Development team who studied with Games Development course provider Train2Game. Their aim is to create a more effective way of distributing and managing online games. The applications of Gamatier are huge for the games industry. The platform has now launched, the team are planning rapid expansion and currently seeking investment to take the platform to the next level.

John Esslemont, Founder, Gamatier, ‘Gamatier is a real time App management service unlike anything out on the market. With our services we allow game publishers to buy games directly from our ecommerce store, but unlike others that just sell games or source codes, we will also offer the ability for buyers to be able to control aspects of their game in real time via our custom built dashboard.’
‘Along with Sales and source code we also opened up Leasing which allows people to lease games for a period of 3 months +. There are 2 types of leasing, Standard and Premium.’

‘Standard leasing is only for the WebGL platform which is now being used hugely and still growing rapidly in the web arcade business. WebGL will soon be able to be played directly in internet browsers and directly on phones without the need to download.’

‘Premium Leasing is for all platforms, Android, iOS, WebGL, & Windows Phone. When a buyer leases a premium game they are the sole user of that game for the period they purchased, They will take control off that game even if it has been downloaded or played 500K times before, they gain the game, the users, the publicity of the game, they become the owners of that game so to speak on their chosen platform. So not only can they leases a premium game they can also lease it with either 0 downloads or 500K downloads depending on the game!’

‘Buyers can control, when and where ads show, change their branding, enable analytics. They can also advertise other games they own within the games they buy from us to cross promote them for free. There is also GT Ads which is an internal ad network that we have built, that will advertise games that have purchased from us in other users games across our network which will help each other gain more downloads and in turn more revenue.’

‘With all of our current services we allow the main aspects of games to be changed anytime, this is very use full for publishers, as without the need to code and take the long process of updating games and re-uploading their games, they can change values in our dashboard for their game and see the changes happen straight away.’ 

‘For Developers this is also a very lucrative market for them as now not only can they sell games or soon source code, they can also lease their games to make residual income month over month.

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