Train2Game News Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Review

Batman AO BlackgateWarner Brothers allowed me to review the Xbox 360 version of Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate: Deluxe Edition.

As some of you may know this was the game that was originally released for the PlayStation Vita alongside the main release of Batman Arkham Origins, developed by Warner Brothers. Instead of the 3D open world adventure it’s big brother is this is what is known as 2.5d adventure.

This game started off feeling like a rail shooter Batman which wasn’t a bad choice as the combat was simplified but engaging and the art style in the cut scenes was very apt with it’s comic book feel. The problem came a bit further in to the game where the game tried to be open in a linear world.

It was the cause of much frustration having to go all the way to one area to discover you didn’t have the right gadget or keycard to progress and having to then walk to a different part of the map to retrieve the needed item. A lot of the game just felt like I was walking around the different zones and getting lost through the map laid out in a confusing manner.

The boss fights and some of the puzzle rooms when you eventually get to them are fun and in a good Dark Knight style though and are almost worth the amount of confused wandering.

My overall conclusion for Arkham Origins Blackgate is that if you have a PSVita certainly give it a try but if you want to play a Batman game on a home console or PC stick with any of the current Arkham games in the series.