Train2Game News Humble Bundle supporting SpecialEffect

SpecialEffectThis weeks Humble Bundle sale is supporting the great team at SpecialEffect to help advance the great work they do.

This sale is brought to you by Devolver Digital, purveyors of fine digital entertainment wares such as Broforce and Hotline Miami! Each title has been hand selected by the Devolver team as games outside of their roster, save for Dungeon Hearts and Foul Play, that they enjoy playing and want other folks to check out! Pay what you want to enjoy the fast-paced, strategic action-puzzler, Dungeon Hearts, the quirky Western action adventure game, The Real Texas, and a retro-inspired album of games, Cryptic Sea EP.

If you’re feeling generous, pay $6 or more to also receive side-scrolling brawler, Foul Play, get in on the randomly-generated, action RPG beat-’em-up, Legend of Dungeon, and the claustrophobic quick-reflex game, KRUNCH Digital Collector’s Edition. Paying $10 or more will get you all of the titles above plus fast-paced, “rogue-lite,” bullet-hell Tower of Guns.

These games seperately would cost you just under $100 but with the humble bundle paying $10 will get you the lot.

You can purchase the bundle by visiting

The money raised will go to SpecialEffect to helping them with cases like Rob who you can view in the heart warming video below.