Train2Game News World Series of Video Games relaunched

World Series of Video GamesThe World Series of Video Games (WSVG), an internationally recognized gaming and electronic sports name, has announced its official comeback with the release of their new website (, software (WSVG BattleRoom) and mission.

Gaming is now a global phenomenon, and this new platform expects to improve the gaming experience of both casual and hardcore gamers around the world.

The WSVG was initially released in 2006 by Games Media Properties Inc. and achieved amazing success over the course of two seasons, with a special highlight being the main event held in China with more than 100.000 visitors. WSVG was also featured on the CBS network with its own TV show for four seasons, with each episode having 1 hour of broadcasting.

Luis Prata was recently appointed as CEO of the World Series of Video Games, Inc. He has been an influential entrepreneur in gaming and electronic sports since 1998, leading some of the first professional eSports teams, and organizing gaming events since 2006. Besides his position at WSVG, he is also a consultant to several sports organizations around the world.

Message from the CEO, Luis Prata:

“It has been a privilege to lead many young men and women throughout the years in the gaming industry, creating along the way the foundations for gaming as a competitive sport, available to anyone, anywhere, regardless of any physical disabilities, color, race or beliefs and bringing together people that otherwise would never meet. I will continue to promote gaming as a social platform for youth development, to end racial or other forms of segregation and offer a new vision on the importance of video games to society. I am dedicated to these goals and I would like to thank you for your continuous support.”

Now, the waiting seems to be over and WSVG appears ready to show the world its new face. With the increasing importance of electronic sports today, the WSVG is invested in bringing something innovative to a market that has much untapped potential. A major part of that innovative side will be their brand new gaming software called WSVG BattleRoom, which features proprietary technology and a powerful multi-game anti-cheat system.

WSVG is making its message loud and clear: no cheating! As electronic sports expands quickly, with increasing audiences and professional players, WSVG feels the absolute need to run cheat-free online competitions, which is increasingly important as the prize moneys have grown exponentially over the past couple of years. That’s what WSVG is aiming to achieve with this brand new software; WSVG BattleRoom will bring equality and justice to every online competitions: not only on the WSVG website and championships. Another innovative goal that the WSVG is looking to achieve is to supply their software to everyone. The software will be made available for free, not only for gamers around the world but also for league and tournament organizers. WSVG recognizes that there are only a few reliable anti-cheat tools and that none of them is openly available to everyone.

Besides that, all players, whether hardcore or casual, can find a great competitive variety of tournaments and leagues. Moreover, by registering on the website and playing in the competitions, players will be able to request on demand, private gaming servers, in order to play friendly or official matches for free. Those servers are already safe to play on, with the WSVG BattleRoom installed and setup in all of them. As noted on the server page, the WSVG BattleRoom is required for players to be able to play on both the public and private WSVG servers.

WSVG also has a ranking system available for the teams who participate in the competitions, making it even more fun. It is well known that gamers, like any other athletes, want to be the best, and with the ranking system, teams have yet another reason to participate in the competitions.

Part of building a community means that all the players and fans need to know the history of electronic sports as well as all the facts, teams, players, events, and platforms that helped in making eSports a real sport. In order to introduce such a rich history, WSVG also presents an eSports Wiki that features a variety of content, which most importantly gives everyone the opportunity to participate and contribute in building the community.

The goal is simple: WSVG wants to once again become a reference in the world of electronic sports. As a start, they have already acquired many international partners that will feature WSVG BattleRoom as mandatory software in their competitions and events.

World Series of Video Games, Inc. is currently seeking other eSports organizations, such as Live Events and Online Championships, in order to provide support and sponsorship with equipment, know-how and software, empowering the development of this new sport, worldwide.