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Booty5Booty5 is two technologies fused into a single product to bring easy HTML5 2D game development to HTML5 game developers.

The first part is an easy to use, fast, free and compact professional quality HTML5 game engine written using JavaScript which is free and open source (available on Github). Booty5 enables the creation of complex 2D mobile and desktop games using an easy to use API, including a large range of features:

– Support for mobile and desktop games
– Global and local game resource management
– Scene and Actor (sprite game objects) management
– Particle systems
– Animation via Timeline and tweening
– Image, text and geometric shape rendering
– Physics using Box2D via Box2DWeb including multiple fixtures, joints, materials and shapes
– Sprite atlas and frame based bitmap animation
– Actor docking to screen edges and other actors
– Scene and actor clipping, including to circular and polygon shapes
– Scene and Actor touch detection
– Scene cameras and touch panning
– 3D sprite depth
– Input, including touch
– Audio play back
– Auto scaling and resizing to fit different sized gaming displays

The second part is a professional quality game editor and integrated development environment (IDE) that provides easy HTML5 2D game development using drag and drop. Create your game and write your code directly in the editor and hit test to view your changes immediately.Create game levels / layouts, code editing, testing, import SVG / TexturePacker, assisted editing, physics, user properties and more

Booty5 is currently available for free download from htttp://