Train2Game GameBlast15 exceeding previous years


Donations to GameBlast, the UK’s biggest charity gaming marathon weekend, have already exceeded the £70,000 raised in the 2014 event.

Over £80,000 has already been pledged in online and offline donations, with more still to come. The final total will be announced at the beginning of March.

Last weekend saw thousands of gamers from across the world take on gaming marathons of up to 48 hours to raise money for gamers’ charity SpecialEffect, who help people with physical disabilities to be included in the gaming community.

Hundreds of individuals and teams across the world took part, and over 50 companies from the games industry backed the event including GAME, Ginx, Twitch, Jagex, SEGA, Bossa, KING, Bethesda, Gamer Network, Frontier, Team17, Radiant Worlds, Fragers and Insert Coin.

SpecialEffect’s own 24 hour livestream event, GameBlast LIVE, comfortably broke its £5k target. The event saw UKIE CEO and SpecialEffect vice President Jo Twist beat BBC technology presenter Kate Russell in an eye-controlled racing game challenge. Kate then played Elite Dangerous for 12 hours and raised £12k, including a £10K donation from BT.

Jagex ran a spectacular 24 hour livestream from their Cambridge HQ that attracted thousands of Twitch viewers, as did the streams from GAME and Ginx.

Nick Streeter, Fundraiser at SpecialEffect, said “We’ve been absolutely blown away by the generosity of the gaming community and the games industry. The money raised will change the lives of hundreds of people with disabilities who can only sit and watch everyone else experience the fun and inclusion of video games. A huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who took part or donated from all the SpecialEffect team.”

Donations for GameBlast can still be made at