Train2Game News Studying with Dyslexia


Ritchie Demicol is a 29 year old from Hertfordshire who has Dyslexia. He’s studying the Games QA Tester and Level Design course with Train2Game.

Dyslexia is a common learning condition which affects a person’s ability to read and write but has no affect on a person’s general intelligence.

“From a very young age my dyslexia affected me but over the years I’ve improved with certain things like reading, spelling, etc. I still struggle with certain things but I don’t let it stop me doing anything!”

“Because of my dyslexia I can forget certain things very quick but I always ask again when I get stuck. Other than that it isn’t too bad. My condition does not affect me studying, whether with Train2Game or at another full time educational institution. I’ve not had any problems with my learning disability within my Train2Game course.”

“I started Train2Game back in Feb 2014, so far I’m finding it really good and enjoying it. I struggled a little bit at the beginning but I‘m getting there. My experience has been positive and has taught me a lot with how games are tested and created. I’ve now seen all the hard work that’s put in! The tutors have been helpful and I do a little research on Google whenever I get stuck!”

“It’s different studying from home, but it’s easier, as I can still work full time and study on my days off or when I finish work some nights. I’m in good stead on paying for the course and hopefully within the next year I should be finished making payments.”

“I’m currently working on my own little studio which I started a Facebook page for in February. I will have my first game idea up and running sometime this year. The name of the studio is called Bad Bug Studio.”

“There are many things with Train2Game that I’ve found positive. One thing I love about Train2Game is they always post job positions and information about certain companies looking for students studying with Train2Game, helping us get into the industry.”

“I’ve recommended Train2Game to another friend who is now studying the design side of gaming. I’d recommend to others who suffer with dyslexia. I would say Train2Game has helped with my condition and I expect to pass the course with flying colours.”

“My dream is hopefully getting my studio up and running, designing my own games for the Andriod and iOS operating systems, while getting my name out there. My advice to anyone with a condition such as mine is, don’t let anything or anyone stop you. People with dyslexia always bring something different to the work place. We are good at being creative. The main thing is don’t use dyslexia as an excuse to do anything in life!”