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The world’s only rear-vision heads-up display helmet manufacturer, Reevu, are developing another world first: G-TECHEAD – a fully immersive sound, feeling and visual experience in a gaming headset. G-TECHEAD is a revolutionary development in immersive headsets.

With a decade of experience in pioneering the safe delivery of data to the near eye area in their motorsports helmet range, Reevu have decided to employ their expertise in other market sectors.

The G-TECHEAD is a fully immersive concept product that will enable the owner to insert their device into the helmet through its interchangeable carrier. The devices can then be viewed across the optical cassette, delivering high definition images to the curved mirrored visor in front of the user’s eyes, using their own visual systems instead of trying to replicate the phenomena with varying results. The invention overcomes the issue of having to use strong lenses close to the eye or the projection of light directly onto the retina due to Reevu’s patented binocular optical system that reflects the image over its focal length onto the wide-angle curved visor. The headset will create a fully immersive world with vibration, high definition sound and visual display, designed to fit within an encapsulated article of headgear. The environment will enable the user to game for periods without detrimentally interfering with the natural human interface, something that gamers will appreciate.

Markus S, head of development comments: “Safely  developing optical systems in helmets  has led us to understand that a number of other sectors could benefit from our expertise

“After reviewing videos of concept augmented reality designs that show  head-up display systems, we feel there is a better, safer way to reach that goal”

Extensive research into human interface visual systems has enabled the company to develop an un-paralleled understanding of the science.

Reevu are currently in talks with a number of tech companies about the development and are currently developing the prototype and media interest so that the project can be launched on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter for late summer 2015, with a proposed production date in 2016 and retail price of $299.

“This invention  will revolutionize  head-up displays,  so that they overcome  a number of problems that occur at the human interface.” – Graham Steele ,Director Reevu.