Train2Game News Audio localisation software


Tsugi is pleased to announce the release of Alto, a new software for game audio localization.

As games grow bigger and become more complex, the amount of dialog they require increases dramatically. Once localized, it is not rare for a game to ship with thousands or tens of thousands of voice lines. How to make sure that all these files are in the right format, at the right level and that nothing is missing, in all languages? Checking thousands of recordings manually is time-consuming and error-prone, when not impossible.

Enter Alto. Whatever your naming convention or file hierarchy is, Alto analyzes your localized dialog files and compares them with the reference language, reporting any mistake. Alto can also import the lines from an Excel sheet, or synchronize with game audio projects from middleware such as Wwise, FMOD and ADX2.

Not only does Alto check for missing or misnamed files, but it will also make sure that the audio format of each file is correct (sample rate, bit depth, number of channels), compare the average and peak loudness, the duration, leading or trailing silence of the files, and even the timbre of the voices!

Alto generates complete error reports and statistics (in XML, HTML, PDF or Excel format) that you can then give to your client or manager. Try it for free; you will not believe the time you will save, all the small (and sometimes bigger) mistakes you will find, and the peace of mind it will give you!

You can find out more and try your free trial at