Train2Game News This Book is a Dungeon


The following is written by developer, Nathan Meunier. It is his own description of an interesting project that blurs the lines between gaming and writing, This Book Is A Dungeon [This Dungeon Is A Book]:

Greetings, humans of the EARTH and BEYOND! Nathan Meunier, a fellow human [and not cat cyborg like some suspect] on the Internet, is psyched to announce the pre-order and playable demo for his upcoming weird horror dungeon crawler Twine game + bookumentary + self-publishing experiment thingy, This Book Is A Dungeon [This Dungeon Is A Book].

This concludes the talking about myself in the third person portion of the press release.

So…wait, what is this hybrid indie game / self-publishing book project… thingy?

In a nutshell, it’s:

1) A dark, horror-tinged Twine game dungeon crawler…
2) …being distributed inside a paid Kindle book on Amazon…
3) …that documents the entire development/design process as well as the inner workings of this entire strange self-publishing / indie game hybrid experiment.

It’s a game, a bookumentary, a detailed game dev diary, and a self-publishing experiment all rolled into one. TBIAD comes from my interest in merging the world of writing and indie publishing with the world of independent game design and distribution. I don’t believe anything quite like this has been done before, I think, so this is sort of a big weird experiment to see what happens.

Also, I’m LEARNING how to use Twine and creating the entire thing (the book and game) from start to finish in under two months. Yup. It’s a little cray.

Pre-order, demo, and details:

Pre-order discount: Folks can pre-order the book/dev diary now on Amazon via Kindle for $6.99 and get a 30 percent discount. The game itself will be included via a link in the back of the book. The pre-order page, and additional details, can be found here:

Demo: I’ve launched a playable demo featuring one of the first chunks of the game. It’s dark, gnarly, and features lots of ways to die, branching paths, and high replayability to explore. Here’s the link. Feel free to share this. You’ll find some screenshots here as well.

The game/game/project will officially launch July 12th on Kindle. Folks who but it now will get a few bucks off. Woo!